Risk Management Trends and Developments Paper

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Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary Karen Garcia MKT/421 10/0/2012 MICHAEL GAITHER Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary In the simulation I am the marketing manager for Thorr Motorcycles a $5 billion company, which manufactures a range of motorcycles, and produces more than 200, 000 units per years (University of Phoenix, 2012). It will be a great challenge, because I will need to formulate a differentiation strategy, also will be dealing with three different scenarios, and working closer with three demanding, and experience co-workers; Benjamin Bao (Chief executive officer), Chris Winter (Chief engineer), and Meredith Kiligore (Vice President Brand communication)…show more content…
But customers still consider high class motorcycle in the market. Even repositioning the product did not change customer point of view about the brand. On the other hand the attributes of a brand and the customers’ help the company to compare those of the competitors and to ascertain market position. The relationship between differentiation and positioning of products or services refers to the differences of a product, which attract a specific group of customers that like to luxury. Cruiser Thorr differentiation is to make motorcycle more affordable and attractive to the youngest. On the other hand Cruiser Thorr should create more option on their product so it can be accessible for everyone, for example, create new motorcycle with a new design, and amenities, which will has a wide impact in every aspect. In the simulation, Cruiser Thorr was able to reached different stage and modifies the product, by improving, and customizes the service, and quality, also to modify the price that can be reasonable for customers able to purchase the motorcycle. On the other hand the simulation also gives the opportunity to create new brand name and lower the prices, and ensure profit. In addition I was able to create distribution channels to sell directly and indirectly the motorcycles from website, and other retails stores. The simulation give the opportunity to understands the market in different prospective by following different stage of advertising and
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