Risk Management and Evidence

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Portfolio 2
In this essay I will be discussing how the evidence from my portfolio demonstrates that I have achieved one specific proficiency. ‘A professional portfolio is a collection of carefully selected materials that document the nurse 's competencies and illustrate the expertise of the nurse.’ (Oerman, 2002). The proficiencies are based on the NMC 2013 code of practice. I will be exploring how the proficiencies principles were attained and how my evidence connotes the achievement- the evidence I have provided is from my placement in semester 5, it was based within a drug community treatment team. I will also concur what else I could have done to improve my portfolio evidence, then develop an action plan for future placements.

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My third piece of evidence [appendix III] is a work product and a description. this work product covers proficiency 3.1.5 as it discusses the risks that the client may endure due to their current health, behaviour and lifestyle choices. it also formulates an action plan if any factors that would escalate the risk may occur; allowing us as health care professionals to protect the client to manage risk (NMC, 2013). As this is a work product it conveys that I have the skills to carry out a risk assessment on clients in a correct way; thus evidencing I have key skills and knowledge to manage risk.

The limitations of achieving this proficiency are that when working with clients who are substance misusers, they are constantly taking risks because of this lifestyle. This can be hard to manage at times as a health care professional as we can not control a client’s choices. this is why it is important to thoroughly manage positive risk taking. I feel that I have done this throughout my evidence, however on reflection I could have discussed my skills and knowledge further, so that it is more clear that I understand the principles of risk management. I also feel that I could have given more variation of evidence for example included further work products to support my reflective accounts.

The strengths I feel my evidence shows to achieving

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