Risk Management and Warehouse Building Project Essay

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Warehouse Building Project 1

Warehouse Building Project

Warehouse Building Project 2 After close review of everything that you would like me and my company to do for you and your company we have come up with the following information and data for you. Having an import export business takes careful planning, reliable suppliers and great line of communication between everyone involved in the company. I have received your list of items you would like to have covered and our companies help to figure out whom to help you and your business run smoothly. The following is per our conversation. Develop requirements for the warehouse design and to provide an organization structure to manage the warehouse in Australia,
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Am sure that as time moves on and the business grows there will be more information that will be added and or needed to be reported to everyone involved.
The U.S .FDA has very strict import laws and conditions for the health and safety of everyone on the importing and exporting side of the shipments. After reading over and researching some of the laws and regulations on shipment in to the U.S. here is a short list of things that they are subject to check and inspect according to U.S. laws. The procedures outlined in this document cover imported merchandise subject to, but not limited to, the following Acts/Regulations: Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as amended, Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, Import Milk Act/Filled Milk Act, Federal Caustic Poison Act, Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act, Public Health Service Act, Part F, Subpart 1, Biologic Products, Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, Comprehensive Smoking Tobacco Health and Education Act of 1986, Title 21 CFR, especially Part 1, Subpart E - Imports and Exports (FDA3)
Warehouse Building Project 5 With imports in to the U.S with all the law in to the country, they have a product sampling that they can request to examine the product you wish to ship in to the U.S. There website states the following about their request to sample or check items entering though there ports. “FDA may request an examination or sample of articles under its jurisdiction. If no
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