Risk Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Risk? or Regret? Would you ever risk your life and text while driving? I honestly, wouldn't. Technology is booming and blooming in full speed these days. Every where you go, everyone is either on their cell phone talking or texting. Cellphones are not a new thing, every one seems to have one. There are a lot of positive and negative things about cellphones, but they can be seriously dangerous sometimes. Yes, cellphones do make your life easier in many ways. You can check your emails faster, you can call you mother and let her know were you are and if your safe, take pictures listen to music, all at our finger tips, but absolutely NOT while driving. Especially teenagers, constantly seem to need to talk on the phone. They just cannot go a half an hour with out checking on their friends or other things. In Florida, they do not protect people against distracted driving. The laws there, have been established as a secondary offense. Plus, the law…show more content…
"A $30 dollar fine"? I think that's totally unacceptable, a teenager that works in McDonalds could afford a $30 fine, so it's not going to make too much of a difference. I would prefer that texting and driving be punished as primary offense with much larger fines. Some teens can be driving on the highway, while posting a picture on Facebook. Impressive right!. But no, it’s a really risky and unlawful thing to do. In Florida, over 4,500 accidents last year were attributed to drivers being distracted by their cell phones or other electronic communication devices. Two hundred and fifty-five of those crashes were directly linked to texting, although law enforcement officials say that the actual number of crashes caused by texting is probably much higher. Its just uncountable how many people have been killed in a car accident for texting and driving! "Its better to be safe than sorry", my Driver's Ed teacher
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