Risk, Protective Factors And Resiliency

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Risk, Protective Factors and Resiliency This paper will examine the concepts of risk, protective factors, and resiliency. The paper will start with defining and elaborating on the concepts of risk and protective factors and examine how the latter promotes or hinders an individual’s capacity for resiliency. The paper will expound on the concepts of risk, protective factors and resiliency, by integrating the terms into the case study of Will Quinones. Lastly, the paper will conclude with strategies that can be used to promote resiliency in children that are deemed at- risk. Risk Factors According to Dr. Christine A. Christle “Risk factors are disabling, cultural, economic, or medical conditions that deny or minimize opportunities and resources for a child and place him or her in jeopardy of failing to become a meaningful member of the home, school, and community.” There are two types of risk factors; internal and external risk factors. Internal risk factors would be risk factors that are within the own individual; such as having concentration problems, anger problem or having a disability. Internal risk factors only involve the one child and they are built from within the child. Now, external risk factors are those that involve the child’s “environment conditions such as family, school, and community”; an example of that is the family living in poverty, living in a bad neighborhood with crime and drugs, attending a bad school or not having any friends.

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