Risk and Child

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CCYD-11U-CD children and young people’s workforce Daniella Ovens Contribute to young people’s health and safety MU2.4 An identification of the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the work place. 1.2 At my nursery these are the lines of responsibility. All staff is responsible for health and safety in nursery settings. Manager or deputy manager have the most responsibility and room leaders are responsible for the health and safety in their rooms any accident must be reported to your room leader immediately any broken toys must be removed at the discussion of the manager or room leader. Rooms, outdoor areas must be checked at the start of the day and end of…show more content…
Any visitor that is on the premises should always have a member of staff with them and to have signed a visitors book and to have a visitors badge on show at all times during their visit and if they haven’t they should to be challenged Emergency incidents In any emergency incident that occurs in the nursery setting manager, deputy manager, and room leader must be alerted in the first instance call emergency services try and keep the other child calm and all depending on what the emergency is egg a child falling off a climbing frame I would calm the child down alert senior member off staff make sure the child can hear me let them they are going to be fine and administrate any medical attention e.g. a cold compress and if in the instance the injury that is obtained is a serious injury call 999 try and keep all other children in a space where it is safe for them to be and to keep them calm reassure them the injured child is fine and all will be ok alert parents as soon as possible. . This is my nursery policy for a missing child on site In the event of a child going missing in our care in the nursery setting these actions will be implemented immediately firstly we will check the register to see if the child has been collected if the
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