Risk and Quality Managment Assessment

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Risk and Quality Management Assessment Diego Cuevas HCS 451 November 18, 2013 Dan Bucsko Risk and Quality Management Assessment Risk and quality management are vital to operating any kind of organization, but more so when dealing with an organization such as a hospital. Dealing with the lives and wellbeing of others is a huge responsibility. Some hospitals deal with more areas of services than others. Take John Muir Health for example, they provide a vast amount of services that range from primary care, emergency care, urgent care, rehabilitation, cancer treatment, children’s care, medical imaging, and more (John Muir Health, 2013). Of these areas of service require risk and quality management assessment. Other areas that do not…show more content…
A third risk in a hospital is medication errors. These occur when either the pharmacist can’t read a physician’s hand writing on a prescription, or the physician does not know the patients medication history and so on. The quality outcome of the patient’s wellbeing is affected in this risk. Time, time amount of time spent in a hospital is one of the first things that a patient thinks of when asked what quality of care the patient received. When a patient makes an appointment to see a physician they expect to be seen at that designated time. Especially, if it is an appointment set weeks to months in advanced. If a patient is seen beyond the time they were given they may feel as though the quality of care they receive is low. An external factor that influences the quality of a hospital is monetary investors and stockholders. Investors and stockholders in a hospital have a great deal of influence on quality of a hospital. They want to make sure that their money is safe and that the hospital is following all protocols to ensure that they minimize any risk’s that may affect the quality of care given to patients. If a hospital begins to give poor quality to its patients investors will not want to invest more money into a hospital that patients are not likely to go to. Lastly accreditation organizations such as The Joint Commission have an influence on the quality outcomes of a hospital. Without accreditation from The Joint Commission a hospital does
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