Risk and Threat Assessment

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Risk and Threat Assessment

Risk and Threat Assessment There is strengths and weaknesses; threats and vulnerabilities of every organization’s security system. These issues tend to be those of the same at national and global levels; crime and criminology tend to have an impact on it. Denny’s is a worldwide corporation that has franchises that have rented their names to continue to run the establishments as well as acquiring three different corporate level restaurants located in South Carolina. These restaurants tend to have higher security levels in their units rather than the franchises because they are allowed to choose the way that they run them just as long as the bills are paid and the name brand is not changed by any
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The corporate units make up less than 1% of the corporation, (Denny’s, 1953, p. 2). With the majority of the corporation made up of franchise owners it develops an in consistency that provides a weakness to threats and vulnerabilities. The problem that consists in many of the restaurants that has become familiar is in consistency with change. The general change from the corporate restaurants to franchise restaurants is consistent but the operations that are held on a daily basis within the restaurants vary from restaurant to restaurant. One of the main down falls in the units is the fact that the franchise owners will solely look at their profit and loss statements. They will be breathing right behind the unit if it is not making the bottom line a profit, as long as the unit has a profit and survey scores are 75%, other issues are invisible. This is a short- term gain but a long- term loss and a vulnerability to threat of their appropriate assets. One of the main issues is the company would rather hire a weak physical security company. The franchises figure if they are making money and have a body that looks to be that of authority they will secure their assets and continue to bring in a financial gain. What they do not seem to realize is if the physical security does not have the strength and reliability to match their image then they will lose
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