Risk for Project Example

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Payam Banikarimi Course Project Risk Plan As we know there are some uncertain events that can impact to the project objective that called Risk. Therefore, I consider the following set of process that Risk Management must do these. Overall, Risk management should involve identifying, assessing, and responding to project risks in order to minimize the likelihood of the potential impact of the events on the accomplishment the project out comes. Managing risk includes taking action to prevent or minimize the impacts. Risk management should try to plan the risk levels during the initial phase of the project life cycle to make sure. However, I believe that whole of Risk subjects depend on a project size because…show more content…
Actually, “should be converted threats to opportunities”. Likewise, I have used the data from the Project Charter and Scope statement for risk assessment matrix that are in the below: Identification | Assessment | Response Plan | Positive Risks | Consequence | Probability | Impact | Trigger | Resp. | Response | New application and software | H | M | Increase financial | Studying and analyzing Customer’s requirements | Financial Manager | Analyze needed application & order them | More expert persons (more resource) | H | H | Increase financial& Reduced revenue | Developing new technology | HR Manager | Identify and use them in technological parts and add to WBS | New addressing IPv6 | M | M | Acceptance Quality with recent technology | Designing new addressing in the network for the future | Designer team | Determining new Hardware system and New Software that is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 | Faster cable and replace them in the backbone | M | H | Increase speed on the network | Internet & transmits weight paper and data in school | Designer team | Using the cables in the Network backbone for making faster connection | More reports | L | L | Increase scope and budget | Present more reports in initial phase to customer | Employee | Interviewing with many stakeholders and Gathering data in all of the parts | I explain about positive
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