Risk on Studen Prostitute in Zamboanga City

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A research proposal
Presented to the
Faculty of the Department of Psychology
College of Social Sciences
Western Mindanao State University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in
PSYCH 114 (Research in Psychology 1)

Dujali, Phil Dominic D.
Colico, Jean Paul
Agno, Samson


Many students nowadays Hard-up students are turning to the sex industry to pay for their course fees, according to reports (streetlight.uk.org 2000). Young prostitute are earning by taking up pole dancing, escort work and prostitution to help fund their studies. The trend has been blamed on the rising cost of higher education, which will see some
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Whole infection may occur in both sexes during the heterosexual intercourse. And if this student prostitute do not consult her doctors or if she is irresponsible about her body and neglected her hygiene , she is at greater possibility to have this illness. Here in the Philippines particularly in Zamboanga there are lots of clubs, bar or a pub house in the said city. It shows that people in the Zamboanga city loves to go in the pub house. Also their lots of prostitute especially young ones work as guest relationship officer or student prostitutes so no wonder that they can easily acquire the diseases. But health care of Zamboanga city do the job or giving permit as seeing if this particularly prostitute can practice or if he past some medical session that hospitals give then he might be qualifier as to work as guest relation officer but being a prostitutes is illegal by law and it its prohibited in our country.
There are several diseases that student prostitute might acquire during sexual activity, not only HIV. In the early days AIDS epidemic, previous to the routine of screening blood and blood product for HIV antibodies, HIV also occurred in some patient as a result of receiving blood transfusions and blood products. Other way HIV virus can be transmitted include the injections of illegal drugs, sharing or using previously use

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