Risks And Hazards Of Walmart

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Introduction The safety audit will be performed at a Walmart location in Orangeville, Ontario. It is the biggest retail store worldwide with $482.1 billion in revenue and has 2.3 million associates. As I have worked there for the summer holding an instock position in the back room unloading trucks, I have gained knowledge and understanding on the safety issues and standards that exist within the company. Risks and Hazards Identified by Walmart Walmart identifies many different risks and hazards that an employee may face during work and believe that employees need to be aware of them. These hazards can be identified in various forms such as: physical, ergonomic, chemical, psychological, and safety/security Physical Hazards: can result when performing various activities around the workplace. They can occur from the equipment that we use, such as the pumps trucks, electric pump trucks or from the trash compactor. Employees need to be trained on how to properly use the different equipment to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge on how to operate them safely. The training allows for individuals to understand what to do when there is a malfunction with the equipment and how they need to be properly reported and documented, as well as locked away so that others do not use the broken equipment. Other physical harms can be from slipping, which can be prevented from non-slip safety shoes that Walmart can sell to you for 50% off. Falling from various heights can also be a
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