Risks Associated Implementing And Managing A Project Of This Size

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There are many risks associated implementing and managing a project of this size. One of the many risks that are common with IT projects dealing with EHR’s is the system misreading a patient information and not identifying the proper individual. Another issue that there could be redundancy in data that is being entered into the system and this would be wasting valuable time not only for the medical staff, but the patients themselves. If a system like this is not managed well you can have on authorized people getting access to vital patient’s information and the healthcare facility itself. So security of a system like this must be well-maintained and the system that is being put into place must have all the safeguards to ensure that…show more content…
Nevertheless, the patients may fail to disclose part of their health issues fearing that the information may be disclosed to other people hence causing them discrimination and stigma. This essay will discuss the benefits that informatics have on enhancing privacy in healthcare. Security and privacy of information gathered during the process of providing health care are important because of noteworthy psychological, economic, and social damage that can occur to people when individual information concerning their health is unveiled. With controlled access to shared health data, or the merging of such data from various sites in a common source, the potential of losing privacy of information is higher than in remote electronic health records systems, or in paper medical systems. It is so when the right privacy measures are not implemented (Grebner & Mattingly, 2016). The use of information technology in healthcare entails a wide range of advanced technologies that are made to manage and share information that is related to health. The most important type of health informatics is a system that gathers, stores, and systematizes health information concerning patients. When correctly implemented, this type of a system can aid in the coordination of care offered to patients, minimize health errors, and improve the efficiency of the medical efficiency. Electronic information systems occur in different shapes and scopes. Some of them gather and share patient records only
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