Essay Risks Associated with Operational Plans

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Learning Outcome 1: Be able to align objectives of own area of responsibility with those of own organisation – this has previously been discussed and evidence passed on.

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to implement operational plans in own area of responsibility

2.1 Assess risks associated with operational plans and include contingency agreements; Within the third sector the majority of funding that we receive is restricted which limits where the money can be spent and means that it can only be spent on the purpose for which it is assigned. With regards to the projects that I run this is the situation with all of the funding streams, all of the money that I manage is assigned to pre contracted outcomes with set reporting dates. I have
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For example the Bristol City Councils Community Investment Team recently had a funding grant available. Two years ago when they know they would be opening the grant up they published a time line which included consultations, bid submission dates, interview dates, notification of successful bid dates and then the grant start date. This allows us as an organisation to factor in the dates one for availability and planning but also for factoring in the money for budget consideration knowing that if we are successful we will receive more money which will be contributed to our core costs which will have a positive impact on all other services. We find that all external stakeholders will provide us with all future dates from the onset of a funding opportunity.

2.3 Implement operation plan within own area of responsibility; The operational plan that I have submitted is from my area of responsibility, this has been devised by using the organisational strategy and working out my areas on responsibility. This allows me to have an end goal and then I need to plan how to achieve it. Once this is done I can work out a step by step plan of what needs to be done and by whom. This is all added to the plan along with any other obligations that will arise like staff supervision and appraisals and monitoring. I can then arrange the plan so that it is ordered by
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