Risks Facing The New Studentone Enterprise System Implementation

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Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to examine and identify the risks facing the new StudentOne Enterprise System implementation by reflecting on the history of previous Enterprise Systems at CQU, especially PeopleSoft. Methods of information gathering and analysis, include examining the previous systems, mainly the current system (PeopleSoft), the phases of the system, the feedback arose from the system implementation, the output and final result of the system and the factors/risk that led to this outcome. Results of information collected and data analysed show that the StudentOne system may get subjected to the same risks.

The report finds the StudentOne system being at risk, due to similar factors and conditions accompanying the implementation of the previous system, where the ERP selection seemed to be rushed, with no realistic development project plan and schedule, the involvement of the business and communications shared with the employees don’t seem to be enough or effective –raising similar concerns amongst staff, about their future and the system future (acceptance), also similar training issues seem to most likely re-occur due to the absence of an adequate training plan.


This report provides information, analysis and evaluation about the new system StudentOne system being planned to be implemented by reflecting on the history of previous Enterprise Systems at CQU. Comparing the factors and situations accompanying these…
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