Risks Facing The New Studentone Enterprise System Implementation

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Executive Summary This report was commissioned to examine and identify the risks facing the new StudentOne Enterprise System implementation by reflecting on the history of previous Enterprise Systems at CQU, especially PeopleSoft. Methods of information gathering and analysis, include examining the previous systems, mainly the current system (PeopleSoft), the phases of the system, the feedback arose from the system implementation, the output and final result of the system and the factors/risk that led to this outcome. Results of information collected and data analysed show that the StudentOne system may get subjected to the same risks. The report finds the StudentOne system being at risk, due to similar factors and conditions…show more content…
A detailed description of these recommendations, a justification for how these recommendations can help CQU control or mitigate the previously described risks, and finally the implications of carrying out these recommendations and their effect on the project plan & scope. And lastly part 3 includes a conclusion of the report’s finding, comments on the project status and the expected outcome within the discussed risks and recommendations. Risks As a result of the vast nature of the ERP implementation process, risks are always present and existent. The related risks are commensurate with the scale of the ERP system project. Risks range from broad to narrow and pervasively affect the outcome of business processes after the “go-live” date when the ERP system is fully operational and available to end users (employees, lower level managers, etc.). Central Queensland University’s StudentOne implementation is not an exception to the above rule, and it carries a wide number of risks, not only because ERP implementation are normally accompanied with risks, but also because of the below relevant factors: Firstly; StudentOne is a new system that has been recently introduced to the market, secondly; the feedback received from institutes –that have already implemented the system- wasn’t excellent and carried some issues, especially when we see other big institutes opting out and deciding to build their own systems, and lastly; Central

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