Risks Of Globalization Of Health Care

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One of the risks of globalization of health care is that the health care providers standards are differ from country to country. Although, the international standards are the same for all countries around the globe, it is important to understand to what extent international standards fit the cultural, social, and economical contexts of very different countries. In other words, simply demonstrating compliance with common quality standards, will lead to the different results depending on what country or the professionals involved. Botched operations is a very popular problem in the medical tourism industry. Even if physicians have profound knowledge and good skills, the outcomes for patients may be different. The application of the same heath care standards on different countries context have different results because of Patients Foreign laws governing medical liability in developing countries are not as strict as those in the developed counties, nor is misconduct compensation as sufficient. Foreign physicians typically do not carry the same level of malpractice insurance as do physicians in developed countries such. In addition, professional misconduct liability and compensations through the court system are limited outside the United States. Moreover, injured patients may not even have the right to sue at all and a medical tourist would have no recourse through the American court system. (Mirrer-Singer) One of the ways to lessen this risk is reliable medical travel

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