Risks Of Risk Management Planning

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Risk Management Planning The risk management plan is to identify possible negative and positive risks that are unforeseen before and during the project duration. The risks associated with this project can be as little as permit issue to as big as hazardous material abatement and handling. The positive risk can be addressed and over checked for cutting corners and missed work packages. The risk planning must be composed of stakeholders and project team leaders including the project manager. The plan will involve the appropriate team members to address positive and negative risks by using their experience, and skills. The management plan will include instruction with dealing with contractor issue that can possibly put constraints on the project. There will meetings with project team to brainstorm the risks and discuss the impact of those identified risks and how they can resolve them if they do surface. The plan should be part of the decision tree making, especially for very large projects.

Risk Identification

The activities of this project will be by contractors and subcontractors, which will have a substantial amount of positive and negative risks. There are 15 positive and negative risks that have been identified. The risks are commonly known risks that general contractors and project managers encounter and it starts with safety first. The safety and well being of every employee contracted will go home from the jobsite as they went onto the jobsite. When dealing with…
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