Risks Of The Applications And Systems Across The Organizations Environment

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There are vulnerabilities that exist across every systems and applications no matter how advanced you think they are. These vulnerabilities create easy ways for cyber attackers to gain access to your environment and exploit it. This means maintaining and updating system operating systems and applications to minimizing our vulnerabilities. My Term Paper will look at some of these risks to the applications and systems across my organizations environment, and how we can prevent some of these risks. When it comes to sensitive personal and customer information you can never be too safe. The first step is asset identification: Asset identification: plays an important role in an organization’s ability to quickly correlate different sets…show more content…
There are a number of possible threats that can affect our company. These include Hackers, cyber-attacks, server crash, theft, or other natural disasters (Tornado, flood, fire). I understand that there is no way to eliminate every threat, so the goal is to manage risks of these treats, so that the problems coming from them will be minimized. I also needed to keep the cost to the company in mind. The information or hardware itself may not be as expensive to replace as having to build a bunker to protect it. So with that I look into the cost to install security software (such as anti-virus software and firewalls) and make sure locks are in place and working. In regards to the other threats I do not feel they are as much of a risk to deem building a bunker. I do make note to keep backups and save them in a separate location for additional piece of mind. Third step vulnerability appraisal: Vulnerability appraisal: is the process of identifying our assets and the threats that have been determined, and determine the current weaknesses that might expose the assets to these threats. Vulnerability: is a combination of the attractiveness of a facility as a target and the level of deterrence and/or defense provided by the existing countermeasures. Our objective at work is building ERP systems to help manage businesses grow. We do not hold any of their data or personal
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