Risky Sexual Behavior

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Teen Pregnancy, STD, and Risky Sexual Behavior
Although the teenage pregnancy rates in the United States (US) are currently at its lowest in a period of 40 years, it still tops the list amongst developed countries. According to Kost and Henshaw (2012), approximately 6.78% of young women aged between15–19(nearly 750,000 teenagers) become pregnant every year. Finer and Zolna (2011) stated that 82% of these pregnancies are unintended. Moreover, because the average menarche age has reached about 12 or 13 years old (Potts, 1990), which is an all-time low. BThis is ecause for every ten young women, six engage in sex as teenagers (Martinez et al., 2011), most of these girls are at high risk of conceiving.
Also, risky sexual behavior is common amongst
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The paper will also suggest prevention, intervention and treatment options for teens involved in risky sexual behavior, are pregnant, or infected with STIs. It is the opinion of this paper that it is important to assist teenagers in delaying in engaging in sexual intercourse and also holds that it is upon policymakers to accept that American teenagers are sexually active. To this end, it is the opinion of this paper that Emergency Contraception (EC) should be availed to teenagers for reasons discussed herein. In addition to EC, sexual education should be utilized as a tool for reducing teenage pregnancies, STI infection rates, and risky sexual activity in the…show more content…
According to National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (2002) an estimated 40% of the young girls living in the United States always become pregnant at least once before they celebrate their 20th birthday. Such statistics clearly show that teen pregnancy is among the problems that girls always have to grapple with before they can settle in their respective marriages. Approximately 70% of the teen pregnancy have acquired out of wedlock. This is different compared to the past statistics where the high teen pregnancy was prevalent among the married
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