Rita Pierson : Every Kid Needs A Champion

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Philip Plymale
Tiare Picard
ENG 100T (CRN 69264)
Oct 12, 2015
Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs A Champion Rita Pierson has been a child educator for over forty years, teaching junior high, elementary school, and special education. She was also a testing coordinator, an assistant principal, and a counselor, bringing a special energy into every role. Rita Pierson gives this speech to an intended audience of educators throughout the world, showing how relationships can affect a child’s academic studies. I believe Rita’s speech is appropriate for her intended audience because there are some educators out there who do not believe in relationships can alter a child’s view on education.
Rita opens up her speech with ethos, telling her audience that her mother and her grandparents were educators and she has been following their footsteps for forty years. This shows that Rita is reliable and in a state of position to be talking about how teachers should teach in school. She brings up Steven Covey’s idea of doing the simplest things can build a strong relationship. Rita uses an anecdote to support this idea saying, “Simple things like apologizing. You tell a child you’re sorry and they’re in shock. I taught a lessons once with ratios once. I’m not real good with math but I was working on it. Once I got back and looked at the teacher’s edition, I taught the whole lesson wrong. So I came back to class the next day and said, ‘look guys, I need to apologize. I taught the whole
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