Rita Tungare Case Study

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Rita Tungare and I attended the annual ICSC Deal Making Trade show at Navy Pier on October 19th and 20th. This is the 4th consecutive year that we have attending the show and the 3rd consecutive year that the City has been an exhibitor of the event. This year’s event was very well attended and we were able to connect with a number of commercial brokers, construction managers, and potential tenants. In my opinion, the most valuable outcomes derived from this event are these conversations and the information we were able to glean. The following is a brief summary of these conversations: • International Contractors Inc. - They are experienced commercial contractors that are looking to expand their portfolio to Kane County. This is another resource that is available for…show more content…
Phillip Ramming, Sabal Financial – He represents the property owner of Main Street Commons on Rt. 64. He informed us that they are in discussions with national retailers and are very close to signing a lease. I took the opportunity to inform him about the Commercial Corridor Grant if this will help entice the tenants. • Pete’s Pretzles – I spoke with their representatives and they informed me that a franchise is looking in the area and considering St. Charles. • Shari Haefner, Fidelity National Title - This is a tile company that has expanded their services in Kane County. They provide another option for anyone in need of title services. • Farnsworth Group – These are civil engineers looking to work in the area. • Local Brokers – Commercial brokers that work in St. Charles also attend this event. This provides a unique opportunity to instantly connect with potential tenants that are also at the show. One example from this year’s show is Thornton’s gas station. Neal Johnson has had conversations with them about a lot here in St. Charles. Neal passed along this information to me, and I was able to meet with Tony Rubino from Thornton’s on Thursday the 20th to discuss this
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