Essay about Rita's Change and her Relationship with Frank

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Rita's Change and her Relationship with Frank How does Rita’s character change and her relationship with Frank alter during the course of the play? “Educating Rita” is the story of a married working-class woman, Rita, trying to better and discover herself by attending an open university course. The play follows her as her character and relationship with her tutor, Frank develop and change until she finally passes her exams and they part. Rita completely transforms herself through her education and by the end she can choose what to do next rather then being swept along by circumstances and everyone else’s expectations. Rita says that she only wants a baby when she’s got choice and by educating herself she is getting…show more content…
She barges into Frank’s office harassing him about the “bleeding’ handle on the door” testing Frank with her swearing and reference to the “tits” on his religious painting. She later admits that this is because she’s nervous, but because the start is so memorable, the audience are struck by the change in Rita at the end. Although Frank is taken back by her brash behaviour and tries to counter it and take control with long words, like “embrace a more comprehensive scholarship” you can see him warming to her. Despite the social differences I think that they are alike in quite a few ways, they are both unsatisfied with their situation and their partners and they both share little rebellions against authority. Smoking, that Frank promised not to do and which “everyone seems to of packed up”, “afraid of getting cancer”, swearing which “doesn’t half cause a fuss” in the hairdressers where Rita works and drinking which “kills y’ brain cells”. I think this brings them closer together, Rita admits that she wouldn’t have stayed if she had got “some other teacher, who objected to swearing” which is a quiet vote of confidence in Franks character. Frank tells Rita that he thinks she’s “Marvellous” and “the first breath of fresh air that’s been in this room for years.” Frank likes Rita because she’s unlike
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