Rite Of Passage In Ernest Hemingway's Setting Sun

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“Leaving home always means leaving with your feet, never with your heart.” This quote relates to my sister and when she moved out. This quote applies to the story because Nhamo wants to leave home and become an independent person. In “Setting Sun” the author shows how to leave home, go against your parents wishes, and become independent.

Nhamo wants to leave home and go out on his own. He is growing up and he thinks it is time for him to go. My sister Emily did the same thing. She grew up and she decided she wanted to leave home and go off to school. My sister is not making our parents happy.

Nhamo wants to leave home but his parents know what is out there and what he has to overcome. Emily wants to go to college far away. My parents want her to stay close to home, but she thinks she has better opportunities out far away from home. Emily thinks she is ready for the real world. She wants to become and independent person.
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Emily is gone and now is living on her own with barely any help from others. She has to pay her own bills, pay for gas, and even pay for food. Emily has to pay for everything needed to make it, which is making her independent. She is now becoming an independent person.

My sister Emily relates to the rite of passage in “Setting Sun”. She decided to leave home, go against our parent’s wishes, and become independent. She is now a independent person living on her own with her own
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