Rite Of Passage Report

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1.0 Framing

A rite of passage is a very important stage in someone's life as it usually recognises change and also transition of social status. The reason for this report is to research and think about the similarities and contrasts of marriage custom from two unique religions, Catholicism and Judaism. Marriage is an imperative stage in a Catholic and Jewish individual's life as it speaks to love as one and provide for each other.
2.0 Investigating
Throughout conducting this report there were numerous primary and secondary sources used to explore of the speculation that "Marriage is a vital ritual performed in both Judaism and Catholicism, Both religions epitomize the standards which perceive the dedication and commitment the couple will make to be as one." These sources will provide a greater and more
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these stages are very important throughout the ritual of matrimony. Pre-liminal is the separation stage which is shown throughout a matrimonial ceremony as a Couple days before the ceremony couple can’t see each other until the groom walks down the aisle on the day of the wedding. “it was an ancient superstition that bad luck would soon follow if the groom saw the bride in her gown before the wedding. In today’s modern world, though, even non-superstitious couples still wrangle over the question whether to see each other prior to the ceremony.” (Bridal Guides, 2016) The liminal stages of the ceremony includes the reading of hymns and the unveiling of the bride, which starts the transition to becoming a married couple. Post-liminal the final stage is usually when the rings are exchanged and the vows are spoken, this also represents merging into the other life and family. “When the rings and vows were exchanged at the end of the ceremony it was one of the happiest times of my hole life.” (Rob Scott interview by Will Scott,
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