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Rites of passage, the journeys that dot the edges of our ultimate quest through life. They are the universal changes that can be as insignificant as a first kiss but with everlasting effects on our perspective on life. Stand By Me is a movie that was first released in 1986 from the studios of Director Robert Reiner. It details the story of four pre-adolescent teens, Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern who embark upon a quest to find the dead body of Ray Brower, a kid also around their age that had been missing from the town for weeks. These friends trek many miles with less than adequate food and nothing but their friendships holding them together. It is during this quest that, after setting out to find the body, finding it and then being …show more content…
These are just some examples of how the characters change throughout the movie, however there are specific scenes where this takes place quite obviously.

The first scene that demonstrates these things really well is the scene where Chris finally comes out of his tough guy shell and pours his heart out to Gordie. This scene is very important because it signifies the real start of Chris and Gordie’s brotherly relationship, the one that would effectively replace Gordie’s lost brother and allow him to move on. This is a major rite of passage because it signifies a new beginning for the both of them, along with the fact that for Gordie this is the first time he’s stepped up to fulfill the leadership qualities that he possesses but tends to refrain from using for fear of being brought down by others. Both the filmic codes and narrative conventions are heavily apparent in this scene. Just some symbolism can be seen through aspects in the scene such as Gordie’s arm over Chris, the visible sign of their brotherly relationship. This combined with the fact that throughout the scene both Chris and Gordie are level in their height and position and screen, showing that after breaking out of his tough guy shell Chris is really on the same level as Gordie. The main audio code here was the crackling of the fire in the background that signifies the warmth and love in the newly forming relationship. Combined again with technical medium shots of Gordie and Chris

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