Rites of Passage: The Journey to Adulthood

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Rites of Passage: The Journey to Adulthood The dictionary defines rites of passage as ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life. It usually involves rituals and teachings that help shed their old roles and prepares them for their new roles. Although all boys and girls will go through a rite of passage to be considered an adult, the path they will take will differ greatly. The common point I have found them all to have is the age range at which this usually occurs, which is between 13 and 16. Some will have to endure task while some participate in celebrations. Some are extremely dangerous in nature while others are less formal and less challenging. All of them require preparations and learning rituals,…show more content…
Most choose the celebration because they will receive money as gifts and most get a car later in life. At the age of 15, young boys were given swords and were then considered to be young warriors. From this time on, they are considered adults and have more independence. Young girls were considered to be young adults, able to marry and have children. Although they receive the ceremony to mark this moment in their life, women are still considered second-class citizens in the culture. They also take on the responsibility of running the household like the women of North American culture. Young girls start preparing for their ceremony in advance, usually a year or more ahead of time. Some will have Mass before the celebration and some will have the entire ceremony outside the church. 14 girls and 14 boys usually make up the Quinceanera court, all wearing formal dress attire. The Quinceanera normally wears a crown or tiara. The ceremony is performed to renew the Baptismal promise. The Quinceanera recites a vow and receives a blessing from the priest. At the celebration, the father of the Quinceanera will remove her shoes and place heels on her. They dance the waltz together to signify the transition to adulthood. The next rite of passage is the Bar Mitzvah. Bat Mitzvah (daughter of the commandment) is for females. There is also a plural form, known as Bnei Mitzvah. This is a Hebrew ritual dating to the fourteen
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