Ritual Explanation Of Drawing By Van Gennep

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Above are songs that are constantly played on our radios, or our iphones, and are immediately recognizable to many. What do all these songs have in common? They are all dependent on their relationship to time. The relativity of time is something that remains true during a night of going out (Nicki Minaj), during a person’s life-long journey of living (Alphaville), or during the quest for love (Cyndi Lauper). I have chosen to open with this very limited list of lyrics, to address how subjective the experience of time for one person can be. Time and Rituals are very closely related. As van Gennep discusses, time is an important portion of a ritual, in the form liminality. The liminal space and time is that moment between the beginning of a ritual…show more content…
It is a doorway. This is a representation of time as a liminal space. What is on the other side is unknown, a Shrodinger's cat of possibility. The door is strangely human, comforting, as time can be. However, the glare, the knob, the innate gaze of the wood is discomforting for the person looking at this. What isn’t known on the other side is scary, because this, TIME, is changing, it is unknown, it is a blank face - expressionless, but full of thought. However, open the door and keep the journey alive...
Once the door is opened an image titled “Lined Right: And Interpretation of Linear Time”. Is included on the inside. This piece has distinct images rolled all into one page, juxtaposed with words and quotes. The first part is a picture of an arrow, a target and a airstream behind it. The quote reads: “Days are Long, Weeks are Short, Months come and Go, and then the Semester is Over.” A literal interpretation is that the arrowhead is the day, with a long stem bleeding into the week (as days become weeks). The week is abrupt and followed by a trail of past, presumably the semester. The arrow heads for a bullseye, marked with month numbers, and just past the bullseye is another arrow, of other days and weeks, with the past out of
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It's a disgruntled stick figure looking at a TV labeled “The Days of Our Lives”. This take on an old TV title is powerful, because the face of the figure would suggest that these moments are not loved - the days are reminders of the fatigue of what is to come.
All of these images contain arrows. They point into different directions. These act as a reminder that linear time doesn’t allow for multiple pathways. When you travel down one, the past is behind you and doesn’t allow for circling back. This physical representation is reminiscent of why many people feel like they must “Live Like Larry (Spongebob)” (Be in the present), or act cautious in life because when something is lost, it cannot be replaced.
The piece closes, folded back together, with the words, “Sorry, you can’t come again.” The arrows will inevitably lead you to the end in linear time. A new year is gone, burned in flames, as another is tacked to the wall. It is this moment that no matter how hard someone tries, the linear capability of time will erase the past in order to make room for the
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