Rituals Are An Important Aspect Of Human Interaction And Society

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Rituals are an important aspect of human interaction and society, and they provide a link and support to those around us. Rituals make us self-aware of our emotional state and provide spiritual refuge when we need it. They are the vessel through which we can become closer to our gods or deities; they are sanctuaries in time of need, distractions from the overwhelming feeling of dealing with life and its troubles, they are the pillars of faith that keep us intact. Without them, we would be a very distant and disconnected society. The ritual I have chosen to discuss is one that particularly caught my attention, including the many variations of it as well—the Buddhist Fire Ritual, or Homa (goma). The purpose of this ritual is to get rid of negative energies and to cleanse the mind and spirit, and involves the beating of drums, chanting of mantras, and of course, fire. Variations of this ritual depend on the occasion, but they all include the burning of the fire, invoking higher powers, and reciting said mantras. As part of my research on this ritual, I looked up a YouTube video on it and found it to be very interesting. The one I watched of this ritual being performed took place in a small, dimly-lit room, mainly lit up with ceremonial candles, holding few people and two Buddhist priests. One was chanting the mantras, beating a Taiko drum, and shaking bells while the other did the work with the fire and the main aspect of the ritual. After distributing what was
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