Rituals That Help Society Cope With Death Essay

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Rituals that Help Society Cope with Death Throughout time, people have used various mechanisms to help with the process of bereavement. These processes are defined as “death rituals”, and different cultures, societies and religions have their own specific way of experiencing these death rituals. In ways that are similar or different from one another, death rituals help with the process of coping with the loss of a dear family member, a beloved member of a religious organization, or a recognized member of society. Death rituals are practiced by every culture and religion, and the main focus of these procedures is to help family members relieve emotional pain caused by the tragic, unexpected or expected loss of a loved one. One of the main purposes of this paper is to define death rituals and why it is so important for people to perform them. It is also important to understand that not mater the differences in background, religion, social status or heath, everyone is prone to participating in the rituals. According to Reeve, (2011) the definition of death related rituals are a “ceremony, directly involving at least one person and the symbols of the loss and, usually, directly and indirectly involving others. The ritual involves heightened meaning and emotion and is often experienced as spiritual. It is focused around a specific situation or event and involves out-of-the ordinary activities.” As part of this definition of death ritual, it is important to understand that every

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