Ritz-Carlton Case Study

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3rd Assignment – Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company How does The Ritz-Carlton create “Ladies and Gentlemen” in only 7 days? The seven days countdown was a result of the evolution and refinement of the hotel opening process, which became more solidified in the late 1980s to early 1990s when hotel chain was opening many new properties. The first two days were devoted to orienting employees to The Ritz-Carlton culture and values, while remaining five days involved more specific skills training and trial runs of service delivery. To ensure that employees are get aligned with organization mission and core values, trainers from 23 nationalities who are all considered the “best of the best” in their role within the organization. These trainers are…show more content…
The company must realize that as it is in a service industry, the quality of its end product was only as good as the people providing it. Therefore it take care to see that it not only recruited the right employees to a job, but also provided them with the necessary inputs to enable them to provide exceptional service for customers. Lastly, as I answered in second question, he should lengthen the process. The world and the service industry are becoming more dynamic, so the company needs more specialized and more skillful employees for maintaining their pacesetting
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