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The Ritz-Carlton – Using IS to Better Serve the Customer | CURRENT | PROPOSED | 5Cs | Customer | Business and Leisure Travellers demanding individualized attention and high quality hotel experiences. Mainly focuses on corporate travel and meeting planners. | SAME | Company | 5* Luxury Hotels and Resorts Mostly franchisor and management contract providers with some ownership.Customer centric culture and use of knowledge base marketing. Human capital and systems support to provide personalized service based on customer knowledge and consistency in all properties. Empowerment | SAME | Competition | Four Season, Starwood, Fairmont, Hyatt, Intercontinental and other Luxury category hotels/ resorts Competitive advantage: leader in…show more content…
By capitalizing on this information, then the company will be able to understand the customer decision making process, estimate a customer lifetime value and better “predict” the customer needs in his future visits. Customer’s preferences may change, so updates are necessary. Sometimes customers are not aware of their emotional needs and will not share them. However, it lies in the staff capacity to leverage this information and reproduce the line of thought f the customer, the emotional needs behind the functional requests, comments, interactions. In terms of customer, perhaps Ritz Carleton could consider setting up an input area on their website or actually at a terminal within the hotel, where customers could enter certain preferences and requests directly into their files where they make their initial reservations or during their stay. Any “surveying” method without being a real survey but that can help gather some information on tastes and preferences. Some customers will be willing to share more than others. SERVICE DELIVERY & STAFF: focus on the process and people that will deliver the service. By training all levels of staff with the same priority: serving the customer. Also, have it present in every customer touch point, so that any new knowledge generated can be included in the system. TECHNOLOGY: choose or develop one that "fits" the purpose, with

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