Rivalry In College Sports Essay

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Auburn University Versus University of Alabama Caitlyn Camp 3 period Avid How many of you watch sports? The SEC(Southeastern Conference) and the rivalries between different college teams are fun to watch, the rivalry I am going to talk about today is the Auburn and ‘Bama rivalry. It may just be the biggest and longest rivalry in College Football. This rivalry is +100 years old. The rivalry is most likely the craziest rivalry in college sports. From the way, they earned their slogans to what the fans have done to each other. My side is Auburn, your side may be ‘Bama, but let me ask you this, what’s more important, statistics and championships, or close friendships and having the most fun possible while getting great grades? To me statics are important but friends and family are more important. That’s why I’m Auburn. For the die heart fans of these two…show more content…
This game is held in November and is a match that leads up to the National Championship. This match sometimes can define who goes to the championship and who doesn’t considering the two teams are normally the highest nationally ranked teams. Auburn has won 35 Iron Bowls, whereas Alabama has won 42 Iron Bowls. Since 1893, the Iron Bowl has been played. Except for 41 years in 1907-1948 when the two schools could not agree on how to split funds for the athletic teams. National Championships, national championships. Take a guess as to how many championships each team has? Well, Alabama has 16 total championships whereas Auburn has 2. Now Auburn may have fewer championships, but we have people like Cam Newton and Chris Davis Jr. who are currently signed under NFL teams. Cam (Signed under the Carolina Panthers) has won the BCS Bowl Championship. As for Chris Jr. he’s currently under the 49er’s and is famous for the 109 yard run in the 2013 Iron Bowl when the score was tied at 28. Making him one of the best cornerbacks Auburn has

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