Rived After Failure

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The best way to get rid of a fear is to face it head on. Instead of cowering under your blankets at the monster in your closet, you should get out of bed, turn the light on, and prove to yourself that nothing is there. Too many people stay under their blankets to avoid facing failure, even though it is never as scary as it seems in the light! If you want to overcome your fear of failure, then use the following tips to make it so tiny it doesn't hold you back. Look To People Who Have Thrived After Failure Scott Adams had a lot of failures, yet he ended up creating Dilbert, one of the most famous comic strips ever. He says that he embraces failure and then 'picks its pocket'. If you want to learn about how to deal with failure, then his book on failure is obviously something you want to check out. But, his story is not the only story out there. Many successful people have big…show more content…
And, the good news is that we have all kinds of information at our fingertips to help us develop our knowledge or technique. All we have to do is go out and use what we learn to develop our skills. Some skills you develop for one goal will help you out with another goal. Or, you can combine skills to increase your confidence when approaching something new. But the point is that having experience is one of the best ways to move through your fear of failure. Build A Plan Failure can happen with or without a plan, but your confidence will increase when you have a plan set in place to achieve your goals. The very action of taking a predetermined step that has the potential to move you towards your goal will help remove the unknown and make you feel more confident. Again, reading other people's success stories can come in handy here. Many people are willing to share their blueprint for success, and while following it doesn't guarantee your success, it does increase your chances exponentially! Recognize That Fears Don't Often Come
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