River Dynasties in China

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Page 1 of 6 4 River Dynasties in China MAIN IDEA POWER AND AUTHORITY The early rulers introduced ideas about government and society that shaped Chinese civilization. WHY IT MATTERS NOW The culture that took root during ancient times still affects Chinese ways of life today. TERMS & NAMES • loess • oracle bone • Mandate of Heaven • dynastic cycle • feudalism SETTING THE STAGE The walls of China’s first cities were built 4,000 years ago. This was at least a thousand years after the walls of Ur, the great pyramids of Egypt, and the planned cities of the Indus Valley were built. Unlike the other three river valley civilizations, the civilization that began along one of China’s river systems continues to thrive today.…show more content…
The Shang Dynasty lasted from around 1700 B.C. to 1027 B.C. It was the first family of Chinese rulers to leave written records. The Shang kings built elaborate palaces and tombs that have been uncovered by archaeologists.The artifacts reveal much about Shang society. Early Cities Among the oldest and most important Shang INTERNET ACTIVITY Create a multimedia presentation about Lady Hao’s tomb and its contents. Go to classzone.com for your research. cities was Anyang (ahn•YAHNG), one of the capitals of the Shang Dynasty. Unlike the cities of the Indus Valley or Fertile Crescent, Anyang was built mainly of wood. The city stood in a forest clearing. The higher classes lived in timber-framed houses with walls of clay and straw. These houses lay inside the city walls. The peasants and craftspeople lived in huts outside the city. The Shang surrounded their cities with massive earthen walls for protection. The archaeological remains of one city include a wall of packed earth 118 feet wide at its base that encircled an area of 1.2 square miles. It likely took 10,000 men more than 12 years to build such a structure. Like the pyramids of Egypt or the cities of the Indus Valley, these walls demonstrate the Shang rulers’ ability to raise and control large forces of workers. Shang peoples needed walled cities because they were constantly waging war. The chariot, one of the major tools of war, was probably first introduced

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