River Moter Inn

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Ron Tembo
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Riverside Motor Inn

Situation Overview
Ronald Veinot, is the general manager for the Riverside Motor Inn. He wrote a letter on October 1, 1997 to Heidi Smith welcoming her to the staff of the Riverside Motor Inn. Chapters Lounge is a subset of the Riverside Motor Inn that just hired Heidi Smith to finds ways to generate profit alongside of promotion to manager if everything goes according to plan. The Riverside Motor Inn is located in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Heidi smith was specifically hired to find ways to modify the operation management of Chapter Lounge. To this date, the owners have invested over $250,000 and need tactical strategies for improving sales to recover and steadily continue to generate
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The last threat is also based from nearby competition. Relevance The completion has more seating arrangements (125, 200, and 400) and they also sell products at a lower price.
Alternative Identification
The first alternative that may suite this lounge will be to hire a Dj and install an extended dance floor for live entertainment on a regular basis. The Dj will play music during Happy Hour. Music will change depending on what day it is and depending on the crowd that is attracted to the Happy Hour session for drinks and entertainment. The second alternative that may suite this lounge would to reduce the prices of the drinks such as beer, wine and liquor. This will be done only during the time when traffic is heaviest. These months will begin from May to October. The duration of this time will be six months. The third alternative that may suite this lounge would be to look for a bartender in the surrounding area who is equivalent to D.J., the previous bartender, to create a hype and attract customers just as Pirate’s Pub did.
Decision Criteria
The number one goal for this company is to reach the $100,000 mark in the year 2000. Based on the findings that are occurring in this company, the best way for this situation to have a chance of occurring is by reducing the price of the drinks during a certain period of the year. This time frame is best described between the

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