River Runs Through Analysis

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Art in the Village is an art gallery located in Casey Jones Village in Jackson, Tennessee. This gallery features over 20 local artist’s stunning pieces in a wide assortment of mediums. With paintings, woodwork, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry, this gallery had a variation of art to view or purchase. Due to the fact that there is artwork from many different artists in the Art in the Village, there is not a theme to the artwork there. However, after reviewing all the art, you can notice that each artist had their own theme. Each artist shares their inimitable talents and artistic gifts, making this gallery one of a kind. Though the great pieces in this gallery were boundless, one piece that really stuck out was “River Runs Through” by Jette Garner.…show more content…
Through movement of spiraling colors, a sense of rhythm and a focal point was created in the upper right corner. Though the artist did not list her medium for this piece, it was pretty clear she used acrylic paint. The use of the complimentary colors purple and yellow creates a contrast that catches the eye. Also, the contrast of colors creates implied lines and circles. “The River Runs Through” is well balanced. The left contains patterned or textured colors that metamorphoses into a focal point of smooth colors creating the perfect balance. This painting is smaller-scaled. Though it does contain formal qualities, I would say that this piece is more informal than formal. It holds an impression of both modern art and abstract art adjoined. With the title as Garner’s strongest hint, this photo is meant to symbolize a river that keeps running. The wound colors make this “river” appear as it keeps going on and on. Overall, I believe this was a very successful piece of
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