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Article analysis Laura Morrison Eco/365 September 26, 2011 Tarron Khemraj

Article analysis In understanding economics first summarize what is economics. No universally definition of economics. Although it defined as the study of how individuals and groups make decisions with limited resources, coordinate their wants and desires, given the decision mechanisms, social custom, and political realities of the society. Economic are operative in aspect of lives, market forces of goods sold in a market but supply and demand also used to analyzes situation in which economic forces operate. In addition to the study of
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When quantity supplied do not equal quantity demanded the outcome is either excess supply or excess demand, and a tendency for price to change. As this happen the consumers will increase their quantity demanded, and the movement toward equilibrium caused by excess supply is both the supply and demand sides. When the excess supply occur quantity supplied is greater than quantity demanded. While the reverse of excess demand quantity demanded is greater than quantity supplied. The excess demand pushes prices upwards in decreasing the quantity demanded and increasing the quantity supplied. This movement takes place along both the supply curve and the demand curve. The price adjusts to rise when the quantity demanded exceeds the quantity supplied and for price to fall when the quantity supplied exceeds the quantity demanded is a central elements to supply and demand. Although individuals tendencies to change prices exist as quantity supplied and quantity demanded differ the changes in price brings the law of supply and demand into play. Whenever the quantity supplied and quantity demanded are unequal, price will stay the same cause no one will have an incentive to change. One thing to remember equilibrium is not the model framework they use to look at the world. Although to establishing the current value of a consumer product Economics has evolved through the centuries there are a few factors that led to a change in

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