Rizal Park

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Luneta, or literally little moon, is a 58-hectare historical park overlooking the famous and stunning Manila bay, located at the zero kilometer mark in the midst of a busy and thriving city. For many decades, it was used by the Spaniards as execution grounds for Filipino rebels and mutineers. Through the years, it has bear witness to deaths injudiciously delivered. But today, through some restoration and renovation works, it is now one of the most treasured landmarks in the country. It is now a site of heritage jewels that portrays the rich tale of Philippine history and its patriotic characters.
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Light and Sound Show performed during the night remind and educate the viewers about Rizal.

Rizal Monument

The flagpole in front of the Rizal monument also plays a great importance in the country’s history; it is not just some ordinary flagpole. The Independence Flagpole, as it is called, is where the Philippines was officially granted independence from the
United States.
The National Museum is also within the vicinity of the park. It houses a wide collection of significant findings, inventions, and creations in both the arts and sciences.
Visiting the museum will take one back to pre- colonial Philippines and even more to the period of Spanish occupancy in the country. One of the most popular paintings housed in the National Museum is the Spoliarium by Juan Luna. It is a massive, standing at a height of four meters and length of seven meters, and is arguably the most internationally renowned Philippine mural. It is said that the painting, which depicts bodies of dead gladiators, shows the horrors that the Philippines was experiencing under

the reign of the Spaniards.
Within the park are also kalesas (horse-drawn carriages) which will take the customer anywhere in the park and even to the walled city Intramuros at a price. The kalesas allow visitors to relive the Spanish colonial period, as this was the main mode of transport back then. There are also a lot of vendors selling food,

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