Rizal and the Youth Today

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“Youth is a flower-bed that is to bear rich fruit and must accumulate wealth for its descendants.” Dr. Jose P. Rizal.
Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda is the Philippines’ national hero. He is also a writer, a scientist, a doctor, an artist, a teacher, an activist and much more. A Gemini born on June 19, 1861 in Calamba, Laguna and studied in the most prestigious schools in Manila and Europe. A hyper polyglot, conversant in 22 languages, reason why he became such a creative poet and novelist. A man who altered the path of Philippine history, Rizal’s literary works has opened the minds of Filipino people to fight for their rights in their own country. He inspired most of our revolutionary organizers by exposing the arrogance
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These are the people Jose Rizal warned us about, the phony fungus of society. The leeches that will suck the national funds dry and live the life of jet-setters and royalties. Rizal wants the youth to be the guardians of these fake leaders. To be vigilant and expose the true agenda of these crooks disguise as honorable ladies or gentlemen in long gowns and 3-piece suit. Our youth should have the intellectual maturity necessary to save our country from further exploitation not only from our own leaders but also from foreign entities.
Rizal’s dream for our country to develop individuals in his caliber or even better still remains a dream. It is so sad to note that if Rizal were to resurrect today, he would be very disappointed at the supposedly future leaders of our nation. Today’s youth tend to live more individualistic lives because our present society is surrounded by commercialism in which people are more inclined to follow a materialistic way of life. No one seems to care about nationalism anymore. The students most specially, are trying to be anything than Filipino. Western culture is all around us and deeply rooted in our system. Teenagers have memorized all the names of American singers & actors and their latest music and movies but not one of them can give you at least five names of our heroes who fought and died for Philippine independence. If not for these heroes, we will
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