Rizal as a Hero

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Should Dr. Jose Rizal be Considered as National Hero of the Republic of the Philippines?


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José Protasio Rizal Mercado Alonso Realonda was a noted Filipino nationalist. He played a prominent role in advocating reforms in the Philippines, during Spanish supremacy. Recognized as the national hero, his death anniversary is celebrated as Rizal Day, a Philippine holiday.

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He advocated a political system that presented scope for Philippine's participation in the Cortes, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and equal rights for all citizens. In 1892, he legalized these social reforms, at the expense of being disbanded. He was openly declared 'enemy of the state' by the Spanish due to his rebellious nature and ideologies promoted in his novels. He was imprisoned in 1896, while his brother, Paciano, was tortured by the Spanish authorities. Due to his participation in the nascent rebellion in 1892, He was deported to Zamboanga. There, he not only helped the locals to build a school and hospital, but also led the effort towards incorporating a better water supply system.

He was supportive of self sufficiency of the youth and resourcefulness of farmers. The four years of exile were also ones that witnessed the development of the revolution back home. In spite of being elected as Honorary President of the Katipunan, he condemned the revolution. He courted Josephine Bracken, an Irish woman. He did not marry her since marriage would require him to embrace Catholicism, which was against the revolution. 1896 witnessed a nationwide uprising in the Philippines, resulting in the proclamation of a democratic republic. He chose to serve in Cuba, to help victims of yellow fever. En route, Rizal was arrested in Barcelona and sent back to Manila. He was tried before a court-martial on the charges of 'rebellion' and 'conspiracy'. He was

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