Rizal in Paris

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Paris to Berlin, 1885-87 Rizal went to Paris and Germany to specialize in ophthalmology. He chose this branch because he wanted to cure his mother’s eyes. He served as assistant to the famous oculists of Europe. He also continued his travels and observations of European life and customs in Paris, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Berlin. In Berlin, capital of the unified Germany, he met and befriended several top scientists, Dr. Feodor Jagor, Dr. Adolph B. Meyer, Dr. Hans Meyer, and Dr. Rudolph Virchow. His merits as a scientist were recognized by the eminent scientist of Europe. IN GAY PARIS (1885-1886) Rizal then was 24 years old and already a physician, decided to go to Paris in order to acquire more knowledge in ophthalmology. On his way to…show more content…
And tell of that day when he collected you along the way among the ruins of a feudal castle, on the banks of the Neckar, or in a forest nook. Recount the words he said as, with great care, between the pages of a worn-out book he pressed the flexible petals that he took. Carry, carry, O flowers, my love to my loved ones, peace to my country and its fecund loam, faith to its men and virtue to its women, health to the gracious beings that dwell within the sacred paternal home. When you reach that shore, deposit the kiss I gave you on the wings of the wind above that with the wind it may rove and I may kiss all that I worship, honor and love! But O you will arrive there, flowers, and you will keep perhaps your vivid hues; but far from your native heroic earth to which you owe your life and worth, your fragrances you will lose! For fragrance is a spirit that never can forsake and never forgets the sky that saw its birth. Rizal then spent three-month summer vacation at Wilhelmsfeld, a mountainous village close to Heidelberg. He stayed at the vicarage of a kind Protestant pastor, Dr. Karl Ullmer. He was very delighted in his stay at the Ullmers. On July 31, 1886, Rizal wrote his first letter in German to Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt. Rizal heard that Blumentritt was interested in the Philippine languages. Along with the letter was a book entitled Aritmetica. Delighted with Rizal, Blumentritt send gift books to Rizal. This marked

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