Rizal's Early Childhood

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Rizal’s childhood

Jose Rizal’s early childhood start in Calamba, Laguna his own hometown. He had many happy and beautiful memories. He grew up with loving parents, thoughtful and caring siblings. He spent his childhood at the lake shore town of Calamba with its scenic beauty and the majestic Mt. Makiling a few kilometers away from their home. He enjoyed the vibrant beauty of Laguna de Bay, a beautiful in Land Lake with verdant tall trees and plants that surround it. Where in the middle part of the lake was the beautiful island of Talim. And the on the far north of the town lies the famous mountain shrine of Miraculous Lady of Peace and Good Voyage of Antipolo where his mother vowed to the virgin that he would be taken to her
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It was his first travel outside Laguna.

Rizal’s early education * In Calamba
It was a typical for a son of an ilustrado family to receive the four R’s methods of teaching; reading; writing; arithmetic; religion. The instruction was strict and rigid. The knowledge was forced to the mind of the students by the means of tedious memory method aide by the teachers whip.
Jose first teacher was his mother. She taught him how to read and write. In his memoir he wrote ‘my mother taught me how to read and to say haltingly the humble prayers witch I raised fervently to God’. As a tutor his mother was patience, conscientious, and understanding. It was her who discovered her son talent in poetry. Accordingly she encouraged her son to write poem and to lighten the monotony of memorizing the alphabet.
His parents hired him a tutors to help him and give him lesson at home. His first tutor was Maestro Celestino. His second tutor was Maestro Lucas Padua. And later on his father hired a classmate. He taught him the rudiments of Latin and Spanish. Jose called him Maestro Leon Manroy. He stayed at Rizal’s home. But unfortunately Manroy died five months later. So they let their gifted child send to a private school in Biñan
And about of this time his mother two cousins frequented in Calamba, Uncle Manuel Alberto saws Jose frail body. Concern him the physical development of his young nephew and taught him the letter of love for the open air. He also developed
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