Rizal's Retraction

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MTH 9:00-10:30 History 5 Did Jose Rizal Retract? In the heart of the Filipinos, Dr. Jose Rizal had immortalized himself through his works and sacrifices for freedom and independence. Yet, his life was not always grand and perfect. Rizal’s greatness is secluded by the many controversies surrounding his life. The most intriguing of all was the issue of his alleged retraction. It was all about his reversion to the Catholic Faith, repudiation of any of his writing against Roman Catholicism and abomination of Masonry and all other issues linked to it such as his marriage to Josephine Bracken. That issue was claimed to be true by the Roman Catholic defenders but asserted to be deceptive by anti-retractonists. For some people to…show more content…
This was a “big deal” for the Spanish authority since these handbills were satire against the rich Dominican friars who amassed fabulous riches contrary to their monastic vow of poverty. That incident marked the onset of Rizal’s four-year exile in an island in the south, Dapitan. During that interval in his life, there happened an interesting religious debate through correspondence between him and Fr. Pablo Pastells. Fr. Pastells was a Jesuit priest and a former director of a religious association which Rizal once served as a secretary at the Ateneo Municipal. Fr. Pastells took the initiative, on behalf of the Jesuits for the welfare of their favorite pupil perceived as the salvation of his soul, to reconvert him to the Catholic Faith. This was so because Fr. Pastells believed that Rizal was astray not only politically but also religiously. In that correspondence, the two mainly discussed the existence and nature of God. Rizal never doubt God’s existence as he emphasized,“ How can I doubt God’s existence when I am so convinced of my own? Whosoever recognizes the effect recognizes the cause. To doubt God’s existence would be to doubt one’s own self-awareness and consequently to doubt everything else”. However, according to Raul Bonoan, Rizal’s concept and nature of God appeared to be a hybrid between deism and

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