Rizwan Alternate Ending

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“Can I open the window?” So fixated on the interrogation, Razaa’s question made Ally jump. Rizwan waved his consent and continued. “I have heard a version of the story. Maybe you can tell me if this is accurate.” The morning sun spread across the room the instant the drapes behind her pulled apart. “Razaa,” he said. “You were there when my son died. No?” When the door slid open, a much-needed breeze wound through the room, cooling them off. “Yes, sir.” He smiled at the man behind Ally. “Wassim tells me you heard her confess to killing him.” Ally’s body stilled as she braced herself.
Since the conversation was in English, Wassim sat rigid watching the interaction. At the mention of his name, he rose to his feet. “She is a liar. Don’t believe anything she says.”
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“You killed my Sayeed?” Unable to speak, she nodded a second time. The guard behind him handed Rizwan his gun.
She leaned back on the sofa and waited. A gust of wind sped over her head. A second later, a red hole appeared on Rizwan’s forehead. His eyes widened, and he reached forward as he fell back onto his guard behind him. The pair landed on the floor. The only sound she heard was her own breathing as she waited for them to move. Blood trickled from them creating a puddle on the ground. In stunned silence, she watched the red pool of liquid widen. Someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the floor. When she tried to yank her arm away, Razaa sandwiched her hand between his two palms. “Please, Sara Mommy. Trust me,” he mouthed. Before he was done, the room erupted in screams. Shariff was on his feet, his hand on his head. His body shook as he called for the men to come. While she and Razaa crouched in the corner where the sliding glass and wall met, he ran to the hallway door. The same gust of air sliced through the room a second time. Shariff fell forward. His body slammed against the door in front of him. A line of red followed him down the door as he slid to the
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