Rlc Case 12.5

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From reviewing the above charts, we see that Maria scored the lowest of the three applicants, 70.5/100, Dave scoring second with 74/100, and Norrecia scoring the highest with 82/100. For this reason we will be selecting Norrecia for the RLC position. When you look at the scores across question 1, we see 10,14.5, 13 as the cumulative scores for the answer, which then are added and divided by 3, 37.5/3= 12.5. This mean of 12.5 is a very good in relation to the scores per applicant: 12.5-10= 2.5, 12.5-14.5= -2 and 12.5- 13= -.5, as they add to the interview questions reliability and consistency. Likewise, if you look at the scores per evaluator, for example, evaluator 1, we see 23, 22.5, and 20, which when added and divided equal to a mean of, 65.5/3= 21.83; 21.83-23= -1.17, 21.83-22.5= -.67, and 21.83-20= 1.83. With scores that are +/- 2.5 we find reliability and consistency, if we were finding +/- 3 or higher it would suggest that there is something wrong with the question or the way that it was evaluated. Question 2 is a perfect example of this, where we see 14.5, 7.5, and 12; without even doing the calculations you can see there is a greater discrepancy in the scores. The mean is calculated to be, 34/3= 11.3; 11.3-14.5= -3.2, 11.3-7.5= 3.8, 11.3-12= -.7. Question 2 asks “what do you bring to STMUR” which is a very subjective question, and can explain, at least partially, why there is such a difference in scores. A scenario question on the other hand, like question 5, is much…show more content…
Moving from our three selected résumés to one successful applicant would have been a very difficult decision if we hadn’t come up with this
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