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1. Title: The Effectiveness of Element in Poster to Overcome Baby Dumping Problem among the Malay community in Malaysia. animators. Issue : Element in Poster
Problem : Baby Dumping Problem
Direction : Effectiveness
Respondent : Malay community
Location : Malaysia

2. Introduction.
Introduce Issue : Element in Poster
Introduce Problem : Effectiveness
Expectation/ Overview

One of the problems facing the local art media is within the animation circle. The Malaysian animation industry has come a long way from the days of stiff and inconsistent animated drawings to the more refined ones seen today. Certain animations like ‘Supa Strikas’ and ‘ABC Monsters’ have some elements that are familiar yet not Malaysian even though its creators
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* What are the variables? * What will be measured? * What relationships will be examined? * What is the population? What is the sample?

The problem our animation industry is facing is still continuing today and could likely still be a problem in future. The reason is because Japanese animation is still very popular and very much in demand. As long as it remains relevant, people will still want it. Artists and animators will copy the Japanese animation, also known as anime, because the influence has been there for a long time now. Sometimes clients would want the artists and animators to create for them cartoons that look like anime.
To research on this subject would help animators to realize anime elements and avoid copying them. Animators might not realize they have copied the style but given a guide, they could probably use it to help them create original animations. Nowadays, aspiring artists and animators who have yet to learn or understand design are drawing using anime elements. As observed in many different schools, there are large groups of youngsters that enthuse, watch and draw anime.
The pioneer in the Malaysian animation industry is Hassan Abdul Muthalib. He has written numerous books and articles concerning the local animation industry as well as the worrying state to Malaysian cartoons that seem to look more anime like as every year passes by.

5. Purpose & Objective

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