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Competencies between BSN and ADN, RN Nurses There are numerous differences in competencies between BSN and ADN. Nursing is a dynamic profession and life long learning is essential for nurses to stay current with the increased complexity of the healthcare needs of today and into the future. In other words, the needs of our patients are changing, as we must change in order to be prepared to better serve that need. Nursing has a long history of formal education which moved out of hospitals and into colleges and universities early last century. The associate degree level of nursing was developed out of a need to produce nurses in response to a shortage during and…show more content…
As cited the report When Care Becomes a Burden released by the Milbank Memorial fund in 2001, two separate studies conducted in 1996- one by the state of New York and one by the state of Texas –clearly show that significantly higher levels of medication errors and procedural violations are committed by nurses prepared at the associate degree and diploma levels as compared with baccalaureate level. ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN NURSING The ADN program require about 2 yrs for the student to complete. The Adn nurses are associate degree in nursing, ADN nurses have clinical skills and hands on basic skills but they lack both management and leadership skills with in the nursing field. Additionally they lack research skills used in nursing as well as knowledge on informatics the use of technological advances in enhancing quality medical delivery. ADN is shortened program time and reduced tuition rates. This program is more concise which focuses on the clinical skills and more tasks oriented. It lacks the theory and science behind nursing as a profession.ADN nurses are educated to provide nursing are to persons with similar alterations in structured setting.ADN degree graduates to meet the needs of the pt. ADN gives you the fundamentals of nursing practices. They basic theory, skills, competencies knowledge of scope of practice and legalities for licensure and the essential general education core that is necessary as a foundation [English, psychology, biology chemistry,
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