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Differences regarding competencies of an associate degree nurse and a baccalaureate degree nurse have long been discussed and argued. It has been argued that the associate degree nurse is less competent than the baccalaureate degree nurse. The difference among these competencies has also led to the discussion and concern regarding negative outcomes when it comes to quality patient care. “Quality patient care hinges on having a well educated work force” (Rosseter, 2011) With further research I have found that there are many differences in the competencies and educational preparation between these nurses. I was not aware of these differences until I further researched this topic. In the Journal of Nursing Education June 2006 issue it states…show more content…
(Creasia,2011) The BSN nurse education provides a foundation for future critical thinking, problem solving skills, logical thinking, leader and management skills, and effective communication.( Hardy)The BSN nurse has different job expectations, different levels of patient interactions and contact. BSN nurses manage the patient experience from admission to discharge in a largely unstructured environment that requires more direct, long term interaction with the patient. (Hardy) The BSN nurse also uses theory and research based knowledge in the direct and indirect delivery of care to patients. During my clinical rotation during my last semester of nursing school, I was able to work one on one with a BSN degree nurse named Judy in the ICU. Judy had three years of experience in the ICU setting. She had been a medical surgical nurse prior to her ICU transfer. The ICU at this hospital consisted of two associate degree level nurses and two BSN level nurses on my shift. I rotated three days in this particular ICU. I worked with Judy all three days of my rotation. I was excited about being placed with her for she seemed knowledgeable and skilled. We were given a male post trauma patient to work with all three days. This patient was a 30 year old male admitted for trauma related injuries and was considered unstable and was to be monitored in ICU. This patient had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and
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