Rna World : A Possible Theory For Life Origin

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RNA world, a possible theory for life origin.

I think the RNA world theory, combined with other theories, including clay chemistry and deep sea vents activities, is a very possible theory for life’s origin on Earth. RNA still serves important roles in cell now. It still participant into some reaction as enzyme. It is also a vital medium in protein synthesis because it is the main molecules in DNA translation and transcription (wiki, translation) (wiki, transcription). The RNA world theory is a widely-supported theory for the origin of life. “The RNA world theory is widely accepted by origin-of-life theorist” (Ricardo and Szostak 2009)
The process of RNA world includes several steps. First, there are many nucleotides on Earth. Then, there
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There is evidence found in cells. “it was discovered that RNA molecules themselves can act as catalysts. a molecule of RNA is the catalyst for the peptidyl transferase reaction that takes place on the ribosome. The unique potential of RNA molecules to act both as information carrier and as catalyst forms the basis of the RNA world hypothesis. an RNA molecule with an appropriately folded shape can serve as an enzyme.” (Alberts B,2002). The ability of RNAs as enzyme make a powerful assertion for the RNA world theory. “The demonstration that ribosomal peptide synthesis is a ribozyme-catalyzed reaction makes it almost certain that there was once an RNA World” (Orgel Leslie E. 2004). Additionally, I found out that RNA as enzyme is not only synthesized in cells, but also in labs, so the natural RNAs will ability as catalysis may not be impossible. “Researchers directed the evolution of RNAs that could catalyze monomer synthesis, from the production of ribose to the attachment of the sugar to nucleobases. Others bred RNA enzymes, or ribozymes, that could conduct the steps of translation, phosphorylate other polymers, join molecules together, or break them apart.” (Jef Askt, 2014)
There is some suspect of RNAs’ ability to be folded into the right shapes during self-replication process, because they cannot replicate the shapes and thus will lose ability to catalyze. “There is no way to encode the bond type between nucleotides. In other words,
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