Rnao Bpg Model

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RNAO BPG on “Assessment and Management of Pain” recommended specific new ideas that allow better assessment and pain management in older adult. In particular “collaborating with the person to identify their goals for pain management and suitable strategies to ensure a comprehensive approach to the plan of care” allows for active involvement of patients and their families to participate in decision-making for treatments. This collaboration also clarifies and reveals patient pain history, knowledge, belief and presence of negative belief that may hinder in getting appropriate treatment. Furthermore it provides platform for patient teaching and treatment options when goals seem unrealistic. Pain assessment is critical step to manage pain. Pain as sensory event is highly subjective and can vary substantially from one individual to the next. Literature has revealed certain key concern such as “fear of addiction”, “adverse effects’. ‘Fatalism’ and ‘drug tolerance” etc. that can prevent a patient from getting adequate pain medication (RNAO, 2015). But it is equally important that undertreated pain can have many negative consequences.…show more content…
This new recommendation also uphold the patient care model which means the care they receive will reflect their values andpreferences and provide holistic nursing care. RNAO (2015) also suggest the appropriate use of complimentary therapy in patient pain treatment. I had a patient suffering from chronic back pain and admitted with hip fracture. Managing her pain was a struggle as medication didn’t seem to be working. However after thorough assessment, she revealed the use of Ayurveda treatment of pain. And with team collaboration, she was allowed to use her own medication and her pain was managed
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