Road Congestion Impacts The Economic Production Of A City

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Road congestion impacts the economic production of a city. The Kwinana Freeway Widening Project constructs additional two lanes southbound to keep up with the traffic flow during peak hour period. The Kwinana Freeway Widening Project shows that urban procurement strategies have been conducted to achieve consistency, safety, accuracy and efficiency during construction work. Additional items are considered during planning for this project such as utilities, traffic, property access, surveying, and local authority and residents. For earthworks on the widening project, systematic approaches have been incorporated to increase time and cost efficiency. Material management have also been included in the widening project, as segregation and…show more content…
These require great procurement strategies, the best earthwork approach and high standard of material management to have a cost efficient road construction project.

This report looks at the road widening construction project in Kwinana Freeway southbound and its innovations and approach to tackle urban earthworks in one of the busiest freeways. This section of the freeway has a higher proportion of heavy vehicles and traffic congestion during morning and evening peak hour periods. This widening project is contracted by Lend Lease Engineering and funded by the Australian Government and the Western Australia State Government binding with $31 million each. The widening project includes increasing to four lanes, entry ramp at Roe Highway and an exit ramp at Armadale Road. Additionally, the positioning of utilities such as lighting, drainage pipes, electrical cables and intelligent transport system to be placed for the upgrade on road infrastructure (Main Roads Western Australia 2015b).
2.0 Site Investigation and Preparation

For this widening road project, individual and careful planning is needed for well systematic schedule, minimal costs and safety of the work. The site layout, sequence of activities and materials that are needed are vital points to include when planning earthworks and is affected to a large extent of the project. Site investigation is needed for the earthworks to be carried out on the freeway by examining the original and the final arrangement
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